Pack 2 - Prince Wine Pack


A pack of wine FUNKY & SEXY like a LITTLE RED CORVETTE…
This wine pack contains…

1 bottle Petnat Rose Bubbels
Christopher Hoch – Rose Rurale NV  (A petnat bubble wine that’s tight and light like a ”LITTLE RED CORVETTE”, nice acidity and freshness like a “SNOWDAY IN APRIL”)

1 bottle Orange wine
Fabio Bartolomei, Vinos Ambiz Alba 2018 (There are no wines that ”CAN COMPARE TO YOU”… A “SEXY M*THERF*CKER  for when you wanna ”LETS YOU GO CRAZY”)

1 bottle Red wine
Vino Di Anna, Palmentino 2017 (Elegant and juicy like a RASPBERRY BERET…. a red spring wine that’s fresh as your first “KISS”)