Pack 4 - Daft Punk Wine Pack


3 Vin naturel from AROUND THE WORLD… just HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER…This wine pack contains…

1 bottle Orange wine
Sicus, Cartoixa Brisat 2017 ( an INSTANT CRUSH on this orange wine…when spending time in the glass the wine get’s more AERODYNAMIC  and evolves into a DIGITAL LOVE)

1 bottle white wine
Jean-Marie Berrux, Le Petit Tétu 2014 (a wine from Burgundy, Mersault not as we now it…But HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER…when finished you wanna LOSE YOURSELF TO DANCE…)

1 bottle red wine
Vino Di Anna, Rosso 2014 (GET LUCKY to drink a Nerello wine form Sicily that’s been aged…after every sipp of the glass you want to drink ONE MORE TIME)